Visma Idella culture

At Visma Idella, people take centre stage; which is what staff and customers want.
All colleagues form part of a larger whole and every part is important. Visma Idella is a flat organisation in which we share passion, knowledge and experience.

Whether it concerns the latest technological developments or finalising the implementation for a new customer, Visma Idella always aims for the best result.

Visma Idella takes care of you

Health and a strong sense of team spirit are important to Visma Idella. There is time and space for a laugh and successes are celebrated as a team. And birthday parties are very special at Visma Idella; the whole of Europe knows by now. A healthy lunch is ready and waiting in the canteen every afternoon. Employees are encouraged to adopt an active lifestyle. Visma Idella contributes to your gym membership and regularly organises sports events.

Visma Idella is itself

Suits & t-shirts work closely together at Visma Idella. Visma Idella knows that external appearance is not important. Everyone must be able to feel at home and be themselves. This way Visma Idella cherishes every unique talent that works within its organisation, because people at Visma Idella take centre stage.

Visma Idella insights