Why the ‘Idella’ name?

Meaning of Visma ‘Idella’

The Visma brand name is obviously derived from the Visma Group, of which we have become part in November 2018. We are proud to be part of the largest SaaS provider in Europe! The ‘Idella’ name, also took us quite a bit of thought. It is not just based on a randomly selected first name. Do you want to know why we are still called ‘Idella’? Let us explain it to you. 

A warm, exotic name

Idella is a Spanish name (pronounced ‘idéa’) and more or less unknown in our home country the Netherlands. Therefore, before us using it, it did not create any associations, other than that the Spanish pronunciation sounds like ‘idea’. It was, therefore, still a blank canvas that we filled in ourselves. And: such a name is very distinctive in our and your market!

Keeping it simple

Idella is a name that rolls off the tongue and is not difficult in terms of spelling and pronunciation. It is also easy to remember. That makes life easy when talking to people face to face or over the telephone, explaining where to find us on the web. See how easy it was?

The meaning of Idella

Idella is more than an attractive name with a cheerful and positive image, it is also target-oriented and future-oriented. The name contains the word ‘idea’ and it has associations with ‘ideal’, ‘idealistic’ and even ‘idyllic’.
With this we express ‘Look what’s possible’, ‘We realise the most ideal future for you’ and ‘Only the highest achievable suffices’. The name Idella has a strong emotional charge, particularly so if you put the end customers centre stage.

A real name!

Idella is an actual first name! That means that we can represent the organisation as a person. Such a personification offers opportunities in our communication and marketing and ensures recognition among our main target groups. Many companies present themselves in human form. Examples thereof in the Dutch technology sector include Ben (telecommunications) and Evi (Van Lanschot).

Human and sympathetic

In terms of brand, ‘Idella’ refers to the sympathetic, empathic and friendly nature of the relationships we have with each other. We are not a formal, status-oriented organisation, but prefer to be down to earth when interacting with each other and with our customers. We win contracts because we are ‘the right people for the job’ with a high level of customer credibility.

Don’t take our word for it

Idella even made it to an entry in the Urban dictionary: “The most unique talented girl in the universe. Her shy manner masks her true colours which, once you get to know her, shine brighter than the yellow sun. Her impeccable skills will blow you away. Everyone wants to be Idella.” We, both male and female, can, of course, fully identify with this character sketch.

Visma Idella insights