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Together, we create the financial products of the future.

Visma Idella is self-aware. Technology forms a vital part of a world that is highly dynamic and which continues to digitise.

The decision to purchase the latest software, implement a SaaS solution or even complete outsourcing of primary operational processes is a complex consideration for every financial institution.

It is a step into the future, with a new supplier. Yet a supplier that has completed successful implementations dozens of times for a wide range of institutions. Whereas you are good at asset management, banking or pensions, you expect us to be good at technology and innovation. And we are.

Visma Idella unburdens the financial sector

From our very first contact, we take you by the hand and lead you through the world of Visma Idella. Whether you are going to introduce new financial products or want to quietly dispose of expensive and inefficient legacy solutions, we know what to do.

From our first sales pitch to signing the contract, Business Development within Visma Idella manages the process. Every client has a fixed contact person who fully understands the common interests and ambitions of Visma Idella and you as a customer.

Design thinking

Design Thinking also applies to our Business development activities. Are you curious to find out about what our customers have to say about it?

“Visma Idella is highly skilful and has a vast amount of knowledge of investments and pensions”

“Visma Idella has a high level of substantive knowledge”

“Visma Idella analyses EVERYTHING until it is 100% clear.”

“Visma Idella’s agile development process ranks among the top.”

“Visma Idella has clearly distinguished itself from other suppliers with its Proof of Concept.”

“Close cooperation and on-site testing instil confidence about going live.”

“Not only does Visma Idella deliver in line with expectations, it also provides proper project aftercare.”

Want to know what Idella can do for you as a bank, asset manager, pension fund or pension provider? Click here to find out who Visma Idella works for and what our customers tell us about their experiences with Visma Idella.

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