Design thinking

We view our work from a designer’s perspective.

Design thinking is in our DNA. It is ideally suited to solve complex problems with a demonstrable added value for the customer. Our biggest motivation is designing and realising software that fits perfectly. This means that Visma Idella first analyses what the user or end-user really wants, now and in the future, even when they do not know this yet themselves.

We are programmers, software suppliers and financial specialists. However, we all view our work from the role of the Designer. Not only because it is important what a product looks like, but also and particularly in terms of what you can do with it, as that is the key.

A vital part of this method is the iterative manner in which improvements are made in small steps that are constantly tested. This careful protocol with built-in checks and balances guarantees a product that truly works and that is safe. Thanks to this method, our customers can always rely on Visma Idella.

Design thinking process

During the Design Thinking process, Visma Idella maps out new possibilities and uses its creativity, intuition and analytical skills. We do this in steps, until we have found the best solution for our user. This is how Visma Idella works on its products with the utmost care; products that deliver real added value.
Basically, Visma Idella’s approach can be divided into three steps:

  • Understand
    In this phase, Visma Idella puts on the cap of the customer or end-user. That is why we are convinced that our work requires a human touch. What exactly do they need and why? Subsequently, we define the Problem.
  • Explore
    The second phase is the creative phase. We brainstorm internally and together with the client (and sometimes, even with multiple at the same time) about how we can solve the problem perfectly. Subsequently, we start working on building realistic prototypes..
  • Materialise
    The final phase of the Design Thinking process consists of processing feedback, testing improvements and implementing the Solution.

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