28 June 2018

Idella services over 3 million participants

The growing demand for software, SaaS and BPO solutions for the financial sector has led to double digit growth levels for Idella. In the past quarter, Idella has grown to over 3 million participants and account holders of savings, investments and pension products in its platform.

This means that over 3 million consumers frequently make use of Idella's Finance Suite.
For both investment and pension administrations, Idella npw volume wise ranks among the largest provides of IT services of its kind in the highly competitive Dutch financial sector.

The implementation of Idella Finance Suite as the leading architecture for a wide variety of insurance companies, investment firms, banks and pension funds, catered for substantial volume growth, predominately in cloud based SaaS solutions. Idella is currently the main provider of software solutions for savings, investments and pension administrations for over 50 financials who land their financial products for both national and international markets at Idella's platform.