01 July 2019

Idella and Visma Raet Pension & Benefits join forces and become Visma Idella

Visma Enterprise has decided to strategically focus on the pension, investment and disbursements segments and is therefore merging the activities of Visma Raet Pension & Benefits and Idella.

All clients of Idella and Pension & Benefits will be serviced through one strategically positioned unit as from September 1st 2019: Visma Idella. We focus on software, SaaS and related sourcing services in the Pension, Investments and Disbursements sector.

For our current and future clients, a wide variety of knowledge and services from one supplier will become available, whereas continuity and innovation levels are fully guaranteed. As a fully incorporated part of Visma, you will not only gain access to our specialist knowledge but also the immense capacities and product portfolio of all Visma entities.

To establish this new company, we centralize all contracts, staff and means in what is currently known as 'Idella B.V.', which is rebranded to Visma Idella as of now. Visma Nederland B.V is and remains the shareholder. From that perspective, no change of control applies. For your organisation, in your day-to-day dealings with Visma Idella, we focus on continuity of our partnership.

From the merger onwards, Visma Idella is managed by:

  • Marc Boesmans (Managing Director)
  • Joost van Gurp (Finance Director)
  • Rob Snelders (Business Development Director)
  • Martijn de Vries (Corporate Director)
  • Fred Meertens (Innovation Director)
  • Erica van den Berg (Sourcing Services Director)
  • Janet Hulzebos (Customer Delivery Director)
  • Gertjan Wessels (Solutions Director)

In the coming weeks, clients will be informed individually about the detailed aspects of the merger affecting our current partnership. Please find more details on the Q&A page (Dutch only) which states additional information with respect to audit (ISAE3402), security & compliance but also includes practical information regarding invoices and our registrations.