28 January 2020

Idella Finance Suite offers authentication through eIDAS

As of January 1st, 2020, Visma Idella offers the possibility for all Idella Finance Suite (IFS) customers to log in to the IFS portals through eIDAS, in addition to DigiD. As a result of eIDAS, it is now possible to arrange matters from abroad easily and more securely.

Security of digital services
Visma Idella attaches great importance to the security of its digital services. Therefore, the Idella Finance Suite complies with the eIDAS regulation as of  January 1st, 2020. Thanks to eIDAS, all Idella Finance Suite customers, from all over Europe, can now login to the Idella Finance Suite portals.

What is eIDAS?
eIDAS is a recognized European means of authentication. It stands for ‘electronic IDentities And Trust Services’. Thanks to eIDAS, digital borders within the EU are being removed. This way, you can safely and easily arrange business from abroad with your ID. Thanks to Visma Idella, more than 1.5 million participants already have this possibility.

For more information about the possibilities of eIDAS or e-recognitions, you can contact us.