31 March 2020

We are open for business – so you can manage yours

Visma closely follows the measures against the spread of the coronavirus. We do everything we can to ensure continuity of our services so that we can still provide you with the best possible service. All our employees work from home and are available as usual for all your questions.

Helping society
Unexpected events can really test a society’s resilience. The current challange with the coronavirus is no exception. Meeting this challenge head-on means ensuring that governments, businesses and organizations can continue to carry out their core activities as well as possible. With our software and with the commitment of our employees, we want to support them as best as possible.

Cloud Solutions
As a provider of business-critical software solutions, we at Visma have a role to play in ensuring that everyone can operate to the best of their abilities — by delivering cloud software solutions that help people work from anywhere, at any time, and on any device. Empowering people to stay connected is of utmost importance during this time.

Stable services
To do that, we are making sure all of our services are operating at full capacity to support the changing needs of our customers. And, as always, we constantly monitor global, national and local conditions to make sure we are prepared for any changes that come, from the community up to the international level.

We have also updated our internal guidelines to minimize the spread of the virus:

  • All Visma Idella offices are closed. We continue all our work from home.
  • Business travel is not allowed for our employees. Instead, meetings will take place online.
  • Internal events and larger meetings are moved to a later date or held online.
  • Employees who have returned from traveling in a risk area, or who have had contact with someone who has been confirmed to be infected with the coronavirus, must remain at home for 14 days regardless of any symptoms.

If you have any questions, please contact Janet Hulzebos directly at +31630442866 or at janet.hulzebos@visma.com


This message is constantly updated if necessary