Visma Idella has developed a variety of supporting services to simplify, optimize and support the disbursement process.

Pension Disbursements

Pension Disbursements allows for easy administration and mutation processing of all disbursement data. Changes are processed in accordance with regulatory requirements. The disbursement administrations complies with all legal and regulatory requirements for beneficiaries and boards of pension funds, the fiscal authorities and regulators (AFM and DNB in the Netherlands).

Key benefits

  • Fully automated payments process
  • Wide variety of features and flexibility
  • Fully compliant with all regulatory requirements
  • Functionality allows for retroactive disbursements

Pension scheme and accrual administration

Visma Idella has specialized teams readily available for the administration of complex pension schemes. From the accrual administration onwards, we are ready to define the value, duration and gross/ net components including required reporting and handle complaints and claims, if any.

Outsourcing the disbursements process

Beneficiaries must receive payments in a correct, complete and timely manner. But how to deal with recalculations in case of retroactive disbursements or how to enforce a blockade on outgoing payments? Outsourcing this primary process to the specialists at Visma Idella provides allows you to be fully in control of this process.

Key benefits

  • We are highly professional specialists in the disbursements field
  • Fully compliant with regulatory requirements
  • Save on training and educational cost by outsourcing to specialists
  • Full transparency for both clients and regulators
  • Get a grip on cost for the disbursement process through our fixed pricing mechanism

Business Continuity Services

Changing regulatory requirements, an aging population and increasing transparency ensure that paying agents are continuously under a magnifying glass. Our Business Continuity Services allow you to always be in control of the disbursements process, also in case of crisis, failure and fallback situations.

Key benefits

  • Always sufficient knowledge, skill and capacity for proper execution of your disbursements process
  • Always compliant to regulatory requirements
  • Proven to be in control and fully redundant, even when you are not a user of our platform yet

Service Delivery Management

Visma Idella is able to facilitate the functional support for your pension administration and platform. Examples are service level monitoring, change management and reporting requirements. Our service delivery manager and lead consultant are your first line of support for all requests, changes, dispute resolution, financial arrangements and quality improvements. We proactively keep you up to date about changes regulatory requirements impacting your administration, processes and IT landscape.

Key benefits

  • Functional support in safe hands
  • Easy to understand service level reports, also for audit purposes
  • Periodical reporting and suggestions for improvements
  • Business continuity ensured

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With a market share of over 50%, Visma Idella is the market leader in disbursements for the pension sector. For more than 100 pension funds and an increasing number of pension administrators, insurance companies and banks, we execute over 1.5 million payments (including annuities and disability payments) per month. Interested to learn what Visma Idella can do for your organisation?

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