Idella Finance Suite

The one-stop-shop platform for savings, investment and pension administrations.

Idella Finance Suite

Logo Idella Finance SuiteThe Idella Finance Suite is a one-stop-shop software platform for savings, investment and pension administration. The heart of Idella Finance Suite consists of the Innovact Suite and the BGS Platform. These modules can be purchased as both stand-alone and integrated versions. Idella has developed its products to the extent that they are functionally superior to other solutions in the market.

The modular structure of the Idella Finance Suite offers a vital advantage: banks, insurers, asset managers, pension providers and pension funds can easily launch new products and add them to their range.


The following visual shows you which functional components are relevant in a standard situation. Feel free to click through the different options.

The Idella Finance Suite features a broad set-up. This makes it possible to create unique solutions.

The Idella Finance Suite is the only software platform in the market to offer a fully-fledged hybrid DB-DC solution. This, for example, allows an APF to combine DB with DC circles and your pension fund can offer additional schemes such as a net pension in defined contribution schemes.

Integrated savings and investment products are also routine at Idella. After all, why save with a bank and invest with an asset manager when modern-day technology allows you to do both via a single dashboard?


The architecture of the Idella Finance Suite is designed to only show you what you need, thus eliminating any ballast. Workflows and Business Process Management (BPM) provide for real-time integration between all components, within an easy-to-manage and clear architecture. Idella likes to show you what this allows you to do in practice!

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