Being inventive is one of the core values of Idella.

The Idella Finance Suite and P&B Core is based on the latest architecture principles and can be integrated into every architecture by design. There is a reason why being inventive is one of the core values ​​of Idella. The emphasis is always on innovation.

Research & Development

Idella uses innovative strength to provide the financial sector with technical solutions that best suit its needs. Investing in R&D is, therefore, no more than logical. Together, we will always find the right solution.

Innovation requires a human touch

The very heart of the urge to innovate lies with the people who work for Idella. Every day, we come up with new solutions and lift the Idella Finance Suite to a higher level. We are continuously asking ourselves where things can be improved further still. Are the tools and methods used still state-of-the-art? And in our business cells, experts experiment with the latest technologies and products.

This way, Idella helps customers to be ready for the future.

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