Working at Visma Idella

Of course, you want to learn, let your talents flourish, realise your ambitions and push boundaries. At Visma Idella, you will be given every opportunity to do so in target-oriented teams with experienced and less experienced colleagues. This way, you will have a direct influence on the products that we make together, the financial products of the future.

Visma Idella is looking for employees who dare to take the initiative and who come up with new ideas. And this does, of course, not involve a boring note in a completely out-of-date suggestion box, but day in and day out, in close cooperation with colleagues. After all, you and your team will be continuously improving the processes, products and services of Visma Idella. This way, you work on your personal development at the same time. And together, we will make the difference.

Future-proof career

At Visma Idella, starters always work directly with experienced colleagues. We have short lines of communication, offer innovative work and are at the forefront of technological ICT developments. This is because Visma Idella’s world is highly dynamic. And that is also why Visma Idella continuously invests in the development of its professionals.

You will be working in entrepreneurial teams that are jointly responsible for qualitative changes and complex projects. The teams are result-oriented with an independent focus on realisation within time and budget.

More than work alone

A pleasant working environment is important. That is why Visma Idella pours the best coffee it has been able to source. And there is a lunch buffet ready and waiting for you in the comfortable canteen. We like to have lunch together; stepping away from the job for a moment, have a laugh and discuss what keeps us busy outside of working hours, because Visma Idella believes that life offers so much more than work alone.


Visma Idella thinks it is important for everyone to feel comfortable where they are. And that is why we all need to relax every now and then. Every year, we organise fun activities such as a pub quiz, barbecue and a Christmas party. During the monthly Friday afternoon drinks event, we raise our glasses together, yet we also practise sports together. You can enjoy reduced fees at the gym, join the indoor football team or get on your bike and do the cycle marathon. You can even book chair massages.


Are you:

  • Someone full of enthusiasm;
  • Someone who challenges himself and the organisation to continuously improve;
  • Someone who can solve technical and complex issues;
  • Someone who goes to extremes to achieve results;
  • Someone who is committed to achieving a great result together with colleagues;
  • Someone who celebrates success with the team afterwards;
  • Someone who is so enthusiastic that it positively affects the team in which you work.

If so, chances are that you will find exactly what you are looking for at Visma Idella. And guess what, Visma Idella is looking for you too.

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